Monday, April 24, 2006

“THE” Big Event

Funny how our lives revolve around “THE” events.

“Mommy , don’t wanna go THE docta.”

“Momma, can I keep THE dog?”

“Mom, guess what! I have a date for THE dance!”

“Tell me you will on time for THE graduation tonight.”

“I’m so excited! I got THE job!”

“Oh, sorry, can’t make lunch, THE wedding is in just a week.”

“Can't start any new projects until after THE move.”

“Did you hear? THE baby came a week early.”

“Are you going to THE big party?”

“THE transfer came in and I have to be in Atlanta in two weeks!”

“We got THE loan and move into the new house next month!”

“I got THE promotion!”

"THE memorial service was lovely."

"I hear THE anniversary dinner is at one of the best restaurants in town!"

“Are you going to wear that to THE retirement party?”

We have THE greatest memories.

THE end.

© Copyright 2006 Suzzwords

1 comment:

  1. Suzz

    I like it. Life summed up in a few sentences.