Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Evade the Answer

Never, never answer these questions.

Who are you voting for?

My husband / wife is such a jerk. What do you think?

Want to see pictures of my grandchildren?

Do you like this chartreuse, orange and purple color scheme in the dining room?

Was $800 to much to pay for this hand-carved toilet seat?

I made some alterations to the recipe. How do you like the cookies?

Man: Is my hairline receding?

Woman: Does my tiny mustache show?

I just got these sequined glasses. Like ‘em?

Is my dog ugly?

The sales guy at the lot said this baby was a real steal. You think the engine sounds okay?

Aren’t my kids just precious?

Do these slacks make my butt look fat?

© Copyright 2007 Suzzwords


  1. Uh.... you mean you don't like chartreuse, orange and purple? Well! I'll never invite you to dinner!

  2. These are all questioms that if you answer them. your answer will always be a lie. I ALWAYS say yes to looking pictures of grands. It means I can pull mine out in retaliation! LOL

  3. Very good advice Suzz, questions/answers like these are to be avoided at all costs.

  4. Well, you're right Susan. These are killer questions and could land one in 'hot soup' if not answered correctly. My question is....How do you avoid them? I just take them on.