Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things to Ponder

Why are Sunday newspaper automobile tire ads only in the sports section?

Would anyone touch a bench if the sign said, “Dry Paint”?

Is a 10-cent-off coupon worth cutting out?

If it’s “hotter than hell,” just exactly how hot is hell?

Are gay people really that happy?

When television programming is boring, does the entertainment center have to be renamed?

If a baseball player gets a rash from his glove, is it called athlete’s hand?

Will a roll of Lifesavers keep you afloat?

What if Sam Walton’s last name had been “Farrton?”

When the penny is abolished, how will we put in our “two-cents worth?”

If the penny is no longer minted, a what saved is a what earned?

What will happen to penny loafers?

How much will thoughts cost?

Now then, what occupies your mind and what do you ponder upon?

© Copyright 2007 Suzzwords


  1. lol Suzz! Good stuff!!!!!!!!

  2. You pose some interesting questions Suzz....

    As for the 'just how hot is Hell'...I hope you or I never have to find that out first hand.

  3. Yeah, I like this stuff. Frankly, I've always wondered why birds sit on wires?

  4. To know how hot Hell is, you have to go to your local newspaper's weather chart and look up Hell, Mn. Then you'll know. Sometimes Hell is freezing.

  5. I like those thoughts Suzz.

  6. LoveM2:22 PM

    You and my man think alike -- IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! He actually thinks I will answer his questions.
    The creative brain confuses my logical brain -- I have no cubby-holes for these questions.