Saturday, January 07, 2006

Number Jungle

When was the last time you forgot your own phone number? Or Social Security number? Well, here’s some news. You didn’t forget. All those numbers got lost in the Number Jungle.

The Number Jungle is where ALL those numbers go that you have to remember. Sometimes they get all scrambled together, like your phone number, the phone numbers of a dozen friends, your secret code to your online bank information, and all those “PIN” numbers you have to remember.

Life seems to get more complicated just when you think you can slow down. Remember when you were a kid, how simple the answer was to the question, “Well, well, how old are you now, Sweetie?” All you had to do was hold up your hand with the appropriate number of fingers extended. Of course, that only worked for five years. After that, you were expected to answer verbally. If you wanted to sound older, you could answer with, “I’m almost six and a half!”

Now we have all these numbers swirling around, jumbling up together, and when we tap in numbers to resolve a problem with Ma Bell, or have a question about our insurance, we have to sort them all out again.

Maybe we shouldn’t complain too loudly, though. Someone will come along and try to imbed an I.D. chip somewhere in our bodies for security purposes. Probably in our index finger so we can press it against I.D. scanners to open security doors or transmit the information over the phone.

Humm. That would give a whole new meaning to giving someone “The Finger.”

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  1. Laughed out loud when I read this. It is remarkably similar to a piece Crabby Old Lady wrote more than a year ago...

  2. Anonymous6:13 AM

    This is wonderful. What makes you think of these things?