Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lala Land

Just where is Lala Land? Every now and then, I want to go there for a few hours. I think I’ve been there before, but it seems that there is something about actually being IN Lala Land that makes you forget exactly where it is.

I wonder if Lala Land is different for the individual travelers and the transportation they use to get there. I “Googled” Lala Land and in a mere 20th of a second came up with 2,320,000 locations – and all seem to be different. Some claim to own Lala Land, other sites tell you how to get there or have souvenirs you can buy. Some sites are for children and promise games, others are for “adults only” and also promise games.

My personal Lala Land would have chocolate, dark rich chocolate that has no calories and cures everything. Upon entering my Lala Land, pounds and years would drop away and nothing would ache or smell like Bengay.

After being in my Lala Land for awhile I would still want to come back to the town of “Reality.” It’s where all my friends and family live and there’s just not enough chocolate in my Lala Land to keep me there for long. Besides, there is a sale on Hershey Bars at Walgreens this week.

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  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    My LaLa Land is when I look at my dirty windows, and just seem to relapse into LaLa Land.