Monday, August 21, 2006

Coffee Mugs

Have you ever noticed that coffee mugs multiply behind the closed doors of kitchen cabinets? First you start out with a matched pair or a nice set of four, then suddenly one appears emblazoned with a logo from a local business. It snuggles up next to the newly arrived gift mug that says, “World’s Best Mom,” and before you know it, there are mugs of all shapes and sizes filling the cabinet and spilling over to the counter top.

They hide behind the toaster, lurk on the coffee table (just why is it called a “coffee table” anyway?), and even hitch rides in the car. In desperation, you may take a few to work to share with others, but that only invites more mugs to arrive from coworkers with the same idea.

Gathering up a box to give to the neighbor for a garage sale may not be met with enthusiasm. The neighbor already has four boxes full of mugs from other neighbors. Don’t even think of asking Goodwill or the Salvation Army to come pick them up for their thrift stores. Their shelves are already overflowing with mugs that won’t sell for even a dime. Sneaking up to the over-night donation bin just means you are opening the trunk of your car to the possibility more mugs will find a way in than you are dropping off!

What to do with all these mugs? Could they be used as a building material, sort of like bricks, only with handles? Maybe they could be ground up and used to pave driveways or walkways or build retaining walls. Does the government need to offer mug manufacturers a subsidy of some sort to stop making these household pests before the landfills are over run?

Phew. I’m exhausted now and think I’ll have a cup of coffee. Would you like one? Oh, and do take the mug with you!

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  1. ellie9:54 PM

    Funny you should write about mugs! Just today I was cleaning out a cabinet and ran across a mug my youngest son made for me for Mother's Day, 1985, with his 4th grade school picture affixed and the words, "I love you for ever and ever, Happy Mother's Day". Guess what I did with it! Put it right back in the cabinet.

  2. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Yes, I have an extensive collection of mugs. Young'uns who don't know you but know you drink coffee, think mugs are a great Christmas present. It works out great -- everytime I chip a coffee mug, I throw it away and have an endless supply of replacements!


  3. I have one mug with flowers and a little grey bunny rabbit on it that I cannot seem to throw out.
    My 12 year old granddaughter gave it to me for Christmas when she was about 3.

    I wonder if herbs would grow in the mugs, as in a window garden.

    Also, Mugs make great pencil holders.

    I enjoyed this post Suzz