Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Superwoman Multi-Tasking

The young working woman of today fascinates me. I think they should be called “superwomen.” Their ability to mesh the requirements of career, home and family far exceeds anything women of my generation could accomplish.

In the ‘50s, we girlfriends all wanted to go to college to get our “M. R. S.” degrees. (Isn’t that just so cute you could barf?) We ultimately had our sights set on one of those new homes in the new subdivision with two bathrooms and parking for two cars. In a lot of cases, our degrees in nothing-too-hard-because-we’re-only-here-to-find-husbands were put aside to shove Mr. Right through the last few years of his going-to-be-really-successful degree. We ‘50’s girlfriends went along with this silly idea because our mothers taught us that if we didn’t have husbands, we would not be accepted into proper society.

Then came the ‘60s and with each bra burned, so did liberation of women’s brains. We taught OUR female children that it was okay to be brainy and aspire to become independent and self-sufficient. “Yes, dear, you can become a doctor, lawyer, physicist, astronaut, and/or mommy. Whatever you want to be.”

Now their daughters are heads of corporations, perform delicate surgical procedures, serve our country (and sometimes die) in the military, design beautiful bridges, hold government offices, and lead missions to the space station. They do all this during the day and at sunset change careers to become super mom starting with picking up the kids from daycare -- a baby on a hip while steering a toddler into the SUV using the vise-grip-on-the-head technique.

Marriage is not a necessity, but rather a choice. Childbearing is not required and is now a choice. Even a woman’s sexuality is a choice. Modern women have choices! Whaaahooo!

I’m amazed. And jealous. I want a life “do over.”

Now if you daughters of our daughters can just get this war thing under control, which I know you will as soon as you stop primitive men from blowing each other up (oh, yeah, like explosions solve anything), we can get on with finding cures, exploring space and cleaning up our atmosphere.

Right on, daughters of our daughters!!!!!

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