Thursday, August 11, 2005

Friends and Computers

I have found my friends fall into two categories: those who do not have computers and those who do. The friends who have computers fall into two categories: those who are techies or techies-to-be-soon and those who get where they want to go and that’s all they want to know.

The proficient ones have already checked out my blog and made comments. The other group – well, in marketing lingo you might say they are the slow adapters. Getting to my blog is way beyond clicking on the email button and wading through the “friendship” emails, the “good luck” emails, the “dire warning” emails, the “photos of animals in really cute situations” emails, the “info” emails, and the ever circulating “trashy jokes” emails.

Of those who don’t have computers, there is a small segment of “no way, no how” friends who will have nothing at all -- not now not ever, don’t even think about it -- to do with anything that resembles a computer. Most of these friends are my age and they are, well, ssshhhh – don’t tell – senior citizens.

The other day a conversation went like this.

“I just started a blog.”

“A what?”

“A blog.”

“Whad ya name it?”

“Name what?”

“Your dog.”

“Not a dog, a blog.”

“Nadablog? That’s a stupid name for a dog.”

“I don’t have a dog. I started a blog – it’s on the Internet.”

“What? You haven’t named it yet?”

“Yes, I named the blog.”

“Whadda ya call him?”

(Igiveup.) “SKIPPY!”

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  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Do I know you? ;)

    NadaBlog (not a dog; it's a blog)