Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Questions, Questions, Questions

How do those automatic faucets and flush toilets in public restrooms work? Yes, I know that when you “break the beam” they activate, but what powers the “beam.” Are they battery-operated, wind up like a clock or just magic? If they are battery-powered, does the housekeeping personnel now have to carry around pockets-full of AA Duracells? (Bet you never thought about that one did you?)

Does your heart really stop when you sneeze?

If an approaching weather front is called a “front,” why is the back not called a “back?” Or is it? If so, is it called a “front back?”

Why are Brussels sprouts not illegal?

Do kids of today still play hopscotch?

Are there piles and piles of hula hoops in a warehouse somewhere just waiting to make a comeback?

Where does the tide go when it goes out? Does it get dressed up or just go casual?

Just what does a “mean streak” look like on an x-ray? Is it anywhere near the “funny bone?”

After deciduous trees drop their leaves, do all the surrounding fir trees whistle? Is that where the expression “wind whistling through the trees” came from, only the trees are actually doing the whistling in the wind?

Who gives cars their silly names?

Have we reached the saturation point with challenge and reality televisions programs?

Over what domain does a drama queen reign?

Do dam-building beavers have taste preferences for particular trees? Is an elm more tasty or an oak too chewy?

Who came up all this transition to digital television anyway? What were they thinking!?

What store sells thinking caps? I just wore mine out.

© Copyright 2009 Suzzwords


  1. LOL I love these!!!! And I want to answer the ones I can (& I'll B.S. or lie about the rest) Do you mind if I do it on my blog?

  2. LoveM5:11 PM

    N,Y,N,Legal if served smothered in cheese, Y,N, Casual only, N, Y. Idiot car makers, Y, ?? You got me, Y, $$$, Yours is rechargeable!!

  3. Well, I can honestly say I've seen hopscotch grids on playgrounds Susan. I've even seen permanent ones made on some school playgrounds; so I know it's still being played. I also have seen hoola hoops on occasion too....believe it or not.

    I've heard that your heart stops when you sneeze. What worries me is what happens when you sneeze a bunch of times in a row....it happens to a lot of people. I wonder if someone is in jeopardy of passing out or dropping dead.

    You came up with some interesting questions Susan....thanks.

  4. Another question for you Susan..... Who Cares???