Friday, August 01, 2008


Before television, video games, and computers, kids went outside to play. We didn’t need fancy electronic toys or expensive outdoor “equipment.” We had imagination. Imagination could turn a stick into a magic wand, a large cardboard box into a space ship, and clouds into anything. On lazy, hot summer days, we would spread our blankets or old quilts under the trees, lie on our backs and describe to each other what we saw floating overhead.

When I stepped outside today, I was struck by what a good “cloud day” this is and snapped a few photos to share with you. What do you see?

© Copyright text and photos 2008 Suzzwords


  1. Touched a chord here, suzz...

    My 4 year-old grandaughter comes to 'visit' often as I am helping out with the babysitting while the parents work. She has EVERYTHING that opens and shuts, electronics, dolls and houses, you name it, she's got it.. but guess what? I keep a supply of cardboard boxes and old paper towel rolls, anything that can be glued or somehow used to 'make' something, and she loves it...

    Mind you, she loves YouTube videos (the alphabet song is a favorite) and now she has found a place called 'playground' on the website and that is even amazing me with the games she can play and interact with.. incredible stuff..

    p.s. beautiful clouds..

  2. Now you've done it!! I am...and always have been....mesmerized by clouds Suzz. They fascinate me, and I can look at their shapes and the beauty of their flow forever. I use to just lay on a blanket out in the yard and watch the sky and the clouds sometimes...even on overcast days. Sometimes those are just as beautiful in their own way. These pictures are just gorgeous. Thanks so much.

  3. Fabulous!!! I remember hot summer days as a kid lying on the grass with a pal staring up at the clouds to see what objects they resembled. Who needed video games? Mother Nature gave us better ones.

  4. Sue Too4:34 PM

    The canvas of the sky is painted in a new way for us every day. Thanks for capturing that beauty.

  5. LoveM2:12 PM

    I see a beautiful woman who loves life.

  6. Love to look up at the clouds. Do we actually see recognizable forms or is this where the idea for the Rorschach Test came from?

  7. Lovely photos. I've never been much of a swimmer, but have learned to float on my back (sunglasses ON!) so I can enjoy cloudwatching.