Saturday, January 05, 2008

10 Resolutions that are Easy to Keep

10. I resolve to email stupid jokes to friends as often as possible.

9. I resolve to give up the idea of bungee jumping and sky diving.

8. I resolve to let Mother Nature wash my car.

7. I resolve to move before having to clean the oven.

6. I resolve to consider ice cream a health food.

5. I resolve to eat more health foods.

4. I resolve to go outside and play as often as possible.

3. I resolve to wear clothes with elastic waists or made with stretch fabric.

2. I resolve to eat chocolate at least five times a week.

1. I resolve to be grateful everyday for dear friends and blogging buddies.

© Copyright 2008 Suzzwords


  1. I love these Suzz, specially 1, 2, 5, 6,

  2. Now that's a list that even I could keep. Happy New Year Suzz...

  3. Love the oven one! LOL! Greetings from Yorkshire, UK.

  4. Sue Too6:22 PM

    Love those elastic waist clothes. Especially after all the holiday chocolate! Thanks for the easy to keep resolutions. Grateful for you!

  5. I no longer see utter stupidity in New Year's Resolutions. I resolve to make at least 10, maybe more this year and keep them. Mind if I duplicate some of yours?

  6. Ellie9:25 PM

    Why, Suzz, I can hardly believe that you would give up bungy jumping and sky diving after all these years! I think your list of resolutions is excellent.

  7. I like your resolutions. Mine is to be good to myself and I don't mean in the material sense.

  8. This is a great list. I especially like moving before you clean the oven! Thanks for visiting my blog. I always appreciate comments.

  9. Anonymous10:08 AM

    I've missed visiting your site and resolve to do so more often! Happy New Year Suzz!