Monday, November 12, 2007

No-Nos in the Workplace

CNN recently posted an article on their Web site called “Things you should never do at work.” Included is good advice about not to gossip, hit on your boss or steal office supplies.

After reading the article, I noticed a few things they left out, so I made my own list.

1. Sniff at your pits and declare to anyone who will listen, “Gee, maybe I should have showered this morning.”

2. Fall asleep at your desk, then when awakened, jokingly tell your boss you were just looking at the inside of your eyeballs.

3. Come to work in slippers and offer to show your ingrown toenails to the receptionist.

4. Bring your pet iguana to work on your shoulder.

5. Bring your three-year-old to work and explain, “The day care won’t take him because he has the mumps.”

6. Explain the reason you are late is because you changed your mind about what to wear and the zipper in your skirt/slacks broke and held you hostage until you could get someone to cut you out.

7. At three in the morning, leave a message on your boss's voice mail that you are sick and won't be in, forgetting that the sound of the party in the background will also be recorded.

8. Go to lunch and not return, then show up the next morning but offer no explanation.

9. Have a screaming phone conversation with your soon-to-be ex while customers are waiting – and listening.

10. In the lunchroom, ask a coworker to “taste this and let me know if you think it’s gone bad.”

Now then, what’s your advice about what not to do at work?

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  1. My advice about work is simple Suzz.... Don't go!!!! Oh to be so lucky eh?

  2. Don't have your mother call your boss and ask him to give you a raise 'cause you don't have enough money.

  3. Never ask for a day off work -- get the answer NO and then call in sick that day. What's worse, they actually think the boss believes they are sick.

  4. Good excuses that will never work.


    The dog ate my alarm clock

    It rained so hard the creek rose and washed out the bridge.(don't use this one in North Georgia with the drought)

    My grandmother died....again

  5. Develop a complicated scheme to hide that you've left $7.2 bln worth of loss-making trades open, rather than closing them and being rated negatively for poor performance.