Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Decade

It was just a few months ago that I was barely out of my fifties. A few years zoomed by and now I'm turning the corner on another decade. Yikes! Let the serious age exaggeration begin.

How many years can you shave off your age before it becomes obvious? Is it socially acceptable to find a nice age and just stop there? For instance, stop having birthdays in your late sixties.

The only problem I can see is that you would astound medical professionals who think you are in your sixties when you are really in your eighties.

“So, Doc, how am I?"

“Hummm. Well, you say you are 67, but you have the body of an 81-year-old. Perhaps you need a little more exercise and take stronger vitamins.”

Oh, one more problem. You have to learn to appreciate the music of your chosen era. Well, goodbye Elvis, hello Beatles – at least for the next ten years.

By the time I work up, or should I say “back,” a few more decades, I’ll be deaf from the hard rock sound. Ten years or so later and I’ll have to “pimp my ride,” (wheelchair) and make hip-hop grunting sounds and mumble obscenities.

Hey, I can do that!

I may have found a new hobby – driving those smarty-pants young doctors crazy trying to guess my age.

I can do that, too.

So with all the age “extensions,” this could be a pretty good decade.

Look out seventies, here I come.

Happy birthday to me!

© Copyright 2007 Suzzwords


  1. Yes, have a wonderful birthday! I have decided that if you tell people you are 10 years older than you really are, they will always think you look fabulous for your age!

  2. Happy Birthday Suzz, at least in cyberspace your flower doesn't age but I think thats cheating!!!


  4. Happy Birthday To You.

  5. Happy Birthday Susan....you sound pretty young to me. Besides...age really does come from within. Have a wonderful birthday....

  6. Guess I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday, anyway. You could do what one of my family members said she was going to do at a certain decade -- just start counting backward.

    These decades can be good years, even in your eighth decade (seventies.)

  7. Think of years as chapters and be proud of all the books you've written!