Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In the Future?

Stardate: 3165-3/7

We’ve landed safely on the abandoned planet formerly known as Eartha. We’ve confirmed that the enormous remains of a settlement that we saw from the air seems to be some sort of religious center as we’ve discovered inhabitants’ dwellings surrounded by a type of primitive concrete belt; perhaps to carry worshipers around and also away from this “city.”

Our crew of scientists will begin exploration.

Stardate: 3165-3/8

Amazing discovery. We’ve determined that this indeed is a religious center populated with numerous temples. We’ve also determined that the inhabitants worshiped some sort of bean-like object that was bathed in a ceremonial liquid. The worshipers partook of the resulting elixir to gain alertness and stamina.

Stardate 3165-3/28

We’ve discovered thousands of “shoppees” throughout the “city” that must have dispensed the elixir, as well as numerous dwellings containing religious paraphernalia such as containers to brew the elixir and share it among worshipers.

Stardate 3165-4/10

Fantastic find – we have uncovered an almost-intact major temple and subsequently, we believe to be on track to discover the name that the inhabitants called their religion. How ironic that in such a primitive society as this must have been, that the religion was based on the vision of future space travel. The ancient writing on stone and wood, when deciphered by the Cryptosphere, appears to be either “Stardeer,” Starbukkes,” or “Starbucks.”

What strange creatures these inhabitants must have been.

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  1. p. M on A8:25 AM

    YEPPER!!!!! It's time for bourbon in my coffee. TOOOO much brainwork for me so early in the morning.

  2. Yep, that could very well be how it goes Suzz....and we already know what strange creatures we are. Hey, what about McDonald's and Best Buy? We're going to fry their little Stargate brains. Good post.

  3. LoveM2:14 PM

    Ah! but will the scientists discover that not everyone believed in this religion; will they find out about folks like me who choose "homebrew"?

  4. very funny Suzz, and what a great idea - the 'symbols' could be endless.


  5. Hi Suzz, how very true that our society could be so easily miss-read at some time in the future, make one wonder about the assumptions we make about old things we discover.

  6. lol Excellent, Suzz!!!!! I am not a Starbucks kind of gal. Too chea . . . er . . . frugal -- yeah, that's it -- to spend that much of my hard-earned pennies. Laced with Bailey's, my Maxwell House French roast is seriously awesome. :)