Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Class Reunion

My high school graduating class recently celebrated it’s 50th reunion. Fiftieth Reunion! Fifty years since we all graduated! Well, instead of the classmates showing up, all their grandparents came. The room was filled with old people.

I barely recognized these older folks, but many seemed to know each other and called out first names when greeting. Ironically, these grandparents had the same first names as their grandchildren – my classmates – and some bore an amazing resemblance to the kids I went to school with. Some of these folks were pretty spry, others seem to have had a few misfortunes along the way.

What?! Those old people ARE my classmates?! How did that happen? The last time I saw most of them, they still had their own hair, teeth and even their own faces. So what if that was at graduation.

Thank goodness I’ve not changed a bit. Well, okay, there is just a teensy bit more of me. And my hair has lightened considerably. And there is just a line or two here and there that I only see in my 6x magnifying mirror. I’ve also noticed I’m a bit blurry when I check my makeup in the hall mirror. The blurriness is particularly noticeable right before I put on my bifocals. Probably just the lighting. I’ve noticed, too, that when I walk past a store window at the mall, it looks like some older woman has rushed up beside me and I can’t see MY reflection. Weird though, if I wave, she waves. I bet it’s someone inside the store practicing that old Lucy routine.

Some of the classmates said it was the best reunion ever. Well, sure they would say that. They can’t remember all the previous ones. At least I think there were previous reunions. I wonder if I went? I’ll have to call and ask one of my friends. Now where did I put that number. And the phone. I’ll have to call tomorrow. Right now I have to go find my car keys. The hard part is finding the car I left the keys in. I’ll bet that woman in the mall store window knows.

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  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I think I was at this reunion, too! It all sounds so familiar!
    Did you ever identify the woman in the window? It may have been me! Great site. Keep up the clever creatives!