Saturday, March 13, 2010

10 Things I Don’t Understand

Daylight Savings Time



Politics as a “Career”

Digital TV

Games on Cell Phones

Global Warming

Where “Made in America” has Gone

Reality and Challenge Programs as Entertainment

Why Ice Cream is Fattening


  1. I'm with you. I don't understand these things either. My list would include "texting."

  2. Good list!!!! Don't forget Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid!

  3. Good list Susan...and I agree with you; especially #10...that's got to go!

  4. SueToo9:02 AM

    Ah, but you figured out Facebook! Definitely agree with you on the global warming after the 7th coldest winter in history here. And reality TV, way too dysfunctional for me!

  5. I've borrowed this theme for an upcoming post, hope you don't mind.

  6. Daylight Savings Time.
    Only people who can use the extra daylight understand this.

    Brain Exercises Everybody keeps telling us we need!


    Politics as a 'Career'.
    Don't your politicians get paid a super pension once they quit? That never ever goes away until they die.. and bankrupts the country?

    Digital TV.
    Now that's easy.. SO MANY more channels showing repeats. I guess if you can see it more clearly it'll be like watching it again?

    Games on Cell Phones.
    Guess I'm not going to get you to come and play WoW with me then?

    Global Warming.

    Where “Made in America” has Gone.
    New spelling I think.. I've noticed on a lot of the stuff we buy here in Os, they spell it c.h.i.n.a

    Reality and Challenge Programs as Entertainment.
    EXACTLY my sentiments about "FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS"

    I do actually LIKE and understand FACEBOOK, as you know Suzz. It has it's uses, and for me thats keeping up the contact with family and friends. It used to be mainly the young ones, but now there are more and more people jumping on.

    It can be like having a continuing conversation with people you've to know over the years and were always sad to have lost track of.

    It can show you who else is awake in the middle of the night and might be interested in a chat.

    Must admit I dont use anything but the contacts, no apps (fancy applications) and mostly ignore all the rest of it.

    Hey, thanks, this one was fun, I'd forgotten how easy it can be to get distracted.