Monday, August 24, 2009

Modernized Cave Man

Some women are convinced that if it were not for us, men would still be living in caves. Oh, sure they would have big screen TVs to watch caveman football, coolers beside their recliner rocks for rot-gut hops, and a crispy pile of wild pig skins to munch on.

Modern-day cave men would not shave or bathe, sniff their armpits with pride, and smile toothy grins. They would have invented things like motorcycles, chain saws, and sports arenas. There would be no washing machines, soaking tubs, scented candles or chocolate.

Men would have developed complicated governing systems and then go to war with any other system they did not agree with. They would have also developed dozens of religions and war with one another to prove who was right. Some greedy men would go to war for no other reason than that they wanted to have what the other cave clan had.

Women would live in a sister-hood community several caves away and allow in only those men who had recently bathed, scraped their faces and their teeth, and put on clean animal skins. (Bathing facilities and clean animal skins could be obtained from entrepreneurial women.)

Thanks goodness, most men of today have evolved into a higher order of human beings.

Or have they?

P.S. Author Unknown: “If women ruled the world, there would be no more wars; just intense negotiations every twenty-eight days.”

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  1. Sue Too4:37 PM

    My man good. He make fire. Cook crispy meat. Even clean cave. He very evolved. Me lucky.

  2. You got picher very clear, we no do all those things except for woman.

    Hey wait on... what am I saying, I don't have a woman in my life but I'm fairly clean!!!!!!!!!!!!